If you have decided to visit Nepal –GREAT!!! Here we go with the interesting Facts & travel information’s,

NEPAL – Oldest country in south Asia with charismatic mountains and mesmerizing lakes. You feel the spirituality & stunning historical sites in Kathmandu, and also greeted by the local people – NAMASTE (I Bow to the Divine in you)… It’s really hard to describe in words, you have to experience by your own. Himalayan mountains are shared by five countries Nepal is one amongst them. Nepal is considered as a cultural melting pot where two of the oldest religious of the world combine together dating back to thousands of years.


  • Nepal is popular for Mountaineering, having some of the most challenging mountains in the world.
  • Mount Everest is in Nepal – earth’s highest mountain above the sea level.


  • October and November are the best months to visit Nepal, which makes trekking easier. For Adventure lovers this can be a best from a bucket list.


  • KATHMANDU is a valley of shrines and ancient temples, Kathmandu – heart city of Nepal surrounded by Himalayan Mountains, swayambhu nath stupa known as monkey temple – it’s said to be the glory of Kathmandu. Buddha’s Golden statue at Buddha park.
  • POKHARA – enjoy a scenic Drive where you can take a cable car ride in manokamana temple. It is a Paradise in Nepal.- take a white river rafting ride.


  • Kumari Devi – Nepal’s Living Goddess worshipped by both Hindus & Buddhists.
  • Langtang national park- was established in 1976 the first the northern and eastern border of the national park coincide with the international border to Tibet.


  • Pashupathinath temple – the holiest of the holy temples for Hindus. The masterpiece of Hindu architecture.
  • BOUDHANATH STUPA – is a must visit place, pilgrims visit to walk around the central dome with Spinning Prayer Wheels – the spiritual mantras (OM MANI PADME HUM) wrapped around the cylinder – made up of wood and metal. (Pray and chant).


Chitwan National Park it is the first national park in Nepal, and also one of the successful national parks in Asia. The park is especially renowned for its protection of one horned Rhinoceros. On safari you can likely to see Rhino, Sloth Bears, Crocodile, Gharial, monkeys.

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