Dubai is the most popular and second largest emirate of UAE after Abu Dhabi, one of the most beautiful city known for its Luxury and ultra modern architecture…

Let’s take a look on how to explore Dubai


It’s always summer, but the best time is during October – March.


UAE Dirham.


Arabic is the main language, use full words – Hello! Welcome! – Ahlan! (or) Marhaban


  • Emirates fly to almost every destination.
  • Provides more comfort to passengers in economy class.
  • The entertainment systems – you can watch TV while flying, listen to music or play games.
  • The food is delicious in emirates.
  • Environmentally friendly aircraft.

Dubai is the safest place for women travelers, especially for those who love shopping.


THE BURJ KHALIFA – The wonder of modern technology and design with 829.8m has observation deck on 124th floor. The best time to take picture is during sunset.

DUBAI MALL – There are many shopping malls, markets in Dubai, but here is Dubai mall the largest shopping center in the world more than 1000 stores and a giant aquarium with underwater zoo.

THE DUBAI FOUNTAIN – you can found the fountain right next to the dubai mall, the evening show starts at 6pm.

BURJ AL ARAB – the landmark of Dubai, the most incredible 7 star hotel.

PALM JUMEIRAH – which looks like a stylist palm tree from above, Along with the great wall of china the only structure created by man that you can see from space, the Atlantis resort is worth a visit, the hotel has a huge aquarium with whales, nightclub, restaurant, bars and spa etc..


SKI – you can take a ride in emirates mall, an indoor ski center. Enjoy snow boarding, skiing and just play with a snow.

DEIRA SOUKS – the place which bustles with Shoppers at all times of day. Here you find the gold really cheap.

DEIRA SPICE SOUKS – Here you will find all spices with stalls overflowing with saffron, cumin, paprika etc.

DESERT SAFARI – If you are really looking around for some adventure then this will a best choice. You can drive with Dune,(four wheel drive safari).

DHOW CRUISE CREEK – A traditional style Arabian wooden sailboat, it looks admiring with its beauty and twinkling lights, which serves a buffet dinner on board.


  • UAE nationals, make up only 10-15 percent of the Dubai population. The other 85 percent of residents are mostly from Asian countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.
  • Dubai has one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Real estates, constructions, & trade are the largest contribution for Economy.
  • China is the Dubai’s largest trading partner.
  • Dubai is the fourth most popular destination from worldwide (2015).
  • Seven of the 10 world tallest hotels are located in Dubai.
  • Dubai is also known as a city of Gold.
  • Ferrari world is the world’s first Ferrari themed park and the world’s largest indoor theme park
  • Only non – Muslims are allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai.

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